Reading Again

I’ve been really behind on the stacks of books I’ve laid out to read. Most of them are books my partners purchased over the year, that either sound neat or were my idea to begin with. I’m even behind on comics, reading only a few titles of the many we have pulled. – Though I never skip Bitch Planet, and I’m wild about Harley Quinn.

I got it in my head recently that I would jump on board the Blood Milk Book Club. Blood Milk Jewels is an amazing shop, and I had actually meant to follow suit the first time I saw them mention a book club of odd things… but somehow I never did.

Gutshot by Amelia Gray & Don't Kiss Me by Lindsay Hunter
Gutshot by Amelia Gray & Don’t Kiss Me by Lindsay Hunter

I have this strange hesitancy when it comes to buying books for myself, more so then buying other things. It’s silly, and it only crops up some of the time, but it keeps me from doing things like online book clubs or at home research… And it doesn’t just end with the purchase, so it isn’t quite a money hang up. I even have a hard time beginning a book. Once I start it, I get hooked and have to tear myself away, forcibly severing the story from my mind and removing the temptation housed in the smell and feel of paper, ink, and glue.

I love books, but at some point in my life, I seem to have developed an idea that I shouldn’t.

An idea I’m so very glad to have ignored with these books. The Blood Milk Book Cub October title is Gutshot by Amelia Gray. It’s absolutely fantastic book of short stories. I’m only about half through, but it’s everything I didn’t know I was hoping for. It’s strange and really out there, and they each hold their own tiny uniquely bizarre worlds, ending without classical endings and coursing on without a care for what you might want them to be.

Honestly, this book makes me sort of hopeful and sparks that weird optimistic quirk in my brain. This is the sort of story that I adore. This is the sort of story that I fill up notepads and napkins with. Not to compare myself to her, of course… but still, it made me perk up and pay attention in more ways than just the glory of a good series of tales. Somehow I’d forgotten that this was something you could actually do.

I’ll post more about the book itself once I’ve finished it, but I love it so far.

I mentioned two books above, and that’s because there was a second book posted for the Blood Milk Book Club, for ‘extra credit.’ Don’t Kiss Me, another book of short stories, by Lindsay Hunter. It looks great and has a killer cover (pictured above) so I’m looking forward to it as well.

I have always found inspiration in books, even inspiration to odd things, and I’m so very glad to have found inspiration for and confidence in my own writing in such an unexpected place.


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