Announcing My Shop!

I just wanted to make a post announcing my shop on Life Hex!

Don’t know what Life Hex is? I think they say it best:

Life Hex is the world’s first curated metaphysical and occult marketplace designed with the savvy, practical magician and witch in mind. We believe in the magic of art and the art of magic, and bring you only the highest-quality goods and services from trusted sellers around the world.

Life Hex is a project of Carolyn Elliott and Laura Gyre, and a sister site to online magazine BAD WITCHES.

– Taken from the Life Hex About page

It’s definitely worth a look, as is BAD WITCHES. It’s a great site with so many wonderful bad, witchy, and bitchy articles to choose from. If you have the time and inclination, you should take a scroll on through.

Available right now in my shop are a variety of readings, and two more special divinatory ritual services. One being a year round Ancestral Consultation – via Tarot Playing Cards and my own ritual techniques for communing with spirits.

The second is a special Samhain/Halloween Reading, using a combination of oracular ritual, card reading, and communion with spirits and otherling things. This is a limited offering! Only available for purchase between now and the 27th! So if you’re interested head on over to save your place.

I’ll be adding more spreads as time goes on and a few other services which I’m really excited to be offering, including artwork, special witchy crafts, prayers, and sculptural art.

I’m particularly thrilled about offering my Intuitive artwork. Great for gifts, insights, and even personal transformative work or divination. As soon as I figure out what shipping will cost, I’ll have those up for sale.

I’d love to hear from any of you looking for a great reading, and if you don’t see what you were hoping for, feel free to send me a message! I promise nothing, but it can’t hurt to ask. Maybe I just haven’t thought out it yet.

Visit my shop through this link, or just click on Shop in the header.



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