It’s Been a While

It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything here. I have a lot of notes and half written blurbs, but nothing I’ve fully developed or found complete enough for consumption by other human eyes. Or any other eyes. I haven’t really been active online much at all, aside from occasionally on Instagram. This wasn’t an intentional break from things, but it’s what has happened.

Especially following PantheaCon, I wanted to post several follow-ups. If you read my last post, then you know I came into that time with a lot of strange ideas and thoughts, and I went ahead and stated straight out some of my feelings regarding abusive groups and situations. I intend to follow-up with that more at some point, especially in regards to my recently having extracted myself from a long-term investment with a pagan organization. It’s something I feel that I’ve really managed to overcome in many ways, but it’s still very relevant to my life and processing of a lot of changes, and I think it will be for a long time yet.

2016 has been very fast paced and strange so far. I feel like I started knitting and when I looked up two rows later, I’d missed months of the year. Only without that overwhelming pressure that normally comes with that sort of time-lapse.

Right now, I’m getting ready for a retreat with some friends over this coming weekend. We’ll be on the coast, and even though it looks like it’s gonna be pretty cold – according to my tablet’s weather app anyway – I’m looking forward to it quite a lot. I love effortless vacation times. Times with no real set schedules and events always leave more time for natural unfoldings and unplanned adventure. Even though I’m not very good at spontaneous adventures – I’m really pretty dull and set in my routines, between my anxiety and all the other shit that goes on within my skull, I really need to be wrapped in some sort of comfort in order to properly enjoy spontaneity, which I feel really sort of cancels out the spontaneity of spontaneous adventure. Maybe I’m getting too old for good adventure, but is that even a thing? Honestly. I don’t think that “too old” is ever a reality unless we make it a reality. Maybe I just need to adopt an adventure companion bear to keep that safe comforting web around me.

The weekend after our little retreat, my partner and I will be traveling to the desert to visit my sister and her fiance to shower them in gifts for their imminent baby.

April is going to be a busy month, is what I’m starting to realize., with lots of plans and lots of potentials. But hopefully I will be posting more to the blog as well. I’m going to start keeping written notes – theoretically – and actually getting them onto the computer. Maybe I should download the WordPress app…

The other day I deleted my old blog, which I’ve ignored for a long while now. I started that blog many, many years ago, and for a while I maintained it diligently, if haphazardly. It was very strange to do, almost like removing a misplaced piece that never belonged to me at all. I know I loved that blog once, and that for a while it meant a good deal to me… but now? I’m very glad to be rid of it.

Over the next little while I will also be attempting to update the Shadow Inscriber site and get a new shop up and running. I had previously been running – in the absolute loosest sense of the word – a shop through a site called Hex Life which has now been shut down. So I am going to get my extraordinarily talented partner to help me make a nicer and better run site, and on that site a shop through which you can get readings and other good things from me! I have no real time-frame on that, just keep an eye on the blog, and I’ll try to set up a reading situation in the meantime.

Hope you all are having a great spring and that the weather is treating you well, it’s been glorious here!


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