Patreon and January!

I thought it might be nice to start posting my prospective Patreon schedule, here on the blog, so that anyone who wants to pop over on a free poem day or what have you, can find that info easily. And so everyone can see what all I have going on, and what all they could get by joining as one of my Patrons.

First up, in case you are unfamiliar, Patreon is a wonderful platform through which creators can get paid and share their work with fans … and fans can contribute monetarily to the creators they love. Generally in exchange for exclusive content and interaction with creators.

I personally, cannot hold a ‘regular’ job at this point in my life due to chronic pain and mental health – and while I am incredibly fortunate to have a partner that is able, and happy, to support me, I still struggle with money. So, for me, being able to do the things that I love and share my writing and poetry with people who are enthusiastic about my work and are able to donate monthly – well, it’s just incredible.

On my Patreon, I share Daily Poems and monthly stories, as well as sneaks peaks on my current projects, various free bits monthly … and really just anything else that pops up and that I think will be appreciated.
I joined Patreon in July of 2016, and the months between have led me through a lot of trial and error, me and my faithful Patrons… and I feel like we’ve got something really good going on now. Which can only get better.

My Patreon is set up as a monthly payment system, which means that at the beginning of every month my Patrons are charged for the amount they have chosen to pledge, even though they get access to content at their reward level as soon as it is posted, and forever after it’s gone live.
You can choose to pay however much you like – and all Patrons get access to sneak peeks, updates and the Patron only access feed – but these are the reward tiers on Inscribed by Shadow:

$1 – one poem per week
$5 – 13 poems per month + a short piece of fiction or poetry for you only!
$10 – daily poetry! + a physical thank you letter including a bit of writing only for you!
$15 – daily poetry + one story per month
$20 – daily poetry + one story per month + a physical thank you letter, poem, & sketch!
$25 – daily poetry + one story per month + a custom bit of writing!
$45 – daily poetry + one story per month + a copy of my book Repetition absolutely full of unique scribbling, writing, notes, sketches, etc!

All this, over the last seven-ish months has left us with somewhere around 206 posts, 98 of which would be available to you instantly, if you were to pledge at $1 a month! And growing every day.

Now on to the goods! What will January’s schedule be? Well, January is nearly over, if you can believe it, but here’s my current schedule, including the exciting special feature days:

Mondays – $1 Daily Poem
Tuesdays – $10 Daily Poem
Wednesdays – $5 Daily Poem
Thursdays – $10 Daily Poem
Fridays – $5 Daily Poem
Saturdays & Sundays – $10 Daily Poems

January’s story is scheduled to go live on the 28th for $15 and up Patrons
January’s free story teaser bit goes up on the 23rd
January’s Free Poem is already live! As of the 19th – check it out!

Before the month is out, I’ll try to get you February’s Patreon schedule too!
And don’t worry, even if you can’t pledge, you can follow along from here, or follow me on Patreon to get notices and updates whenever I post free content. Either way, I’d love to have you around.


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