February Schedul-things

I can’t believe that January is over already, I really lost track of things this month. I don’t know about you, but between the hectic mess of the current world and all the little things that adulting requires, I’ve been swamped. And here we are. As promised, I am writing to share with you my Patreon schedule for February!

Now, I admit, I actually have no idea how best to do this. So if you have any suggestions, beyond just lists of numbers and typing the words “Daily Poem” twenty-eight times, please let me know.

Maybe I could put together a calendar of some kind instead? Would anyone find that interesting or helpful?

In the meantime, what follows is the highlights of the month, followed by the usual weekly schedule at the bottom.
Just in case you missed it – January’s free poem can be found here, and a sneak peek of January’s story here.


February Highlights:

  • February 11th – a new story goes live for $15+ patrons
  • February 14th – a Valentine’s Day special surprise gift for all patrons!
    Hint: it involves hearts and a peek at a book in progress. ;)
  • February 16th – a free poem!
  • February 21rst – a free copy of a devotional poem shared live in ritual at PantheaCon
  • February 23rd – a free story teaser snippet

Patreon Weekly Schedule:

  • Mondays – $1 Daily Poem
  • Tuesdays – $10 Daily Poem
  • Wednesdays – $5 Daily Poem
  • Thursdays – $10 Daily Poem
  • Fridays – $5 Daily Poem
  • Saturdays & Sundays – $10 Daily Poems

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