My knitting is back in the game… as in I’m actually knitting regularly again, for now. I’m just about to turn the heel on the second sock of this bright colorwork project I’ve got going on. The yarn is KnitPicks Stroll Glimmer in Foxglove and Runway.

It’s an on-the-go design of my own, so I thought it was appropriate for my first in app on-the-go blog post.

They’ll be a bit oversized for comfort, when my​ feet can’t handle being tightly held. Something beautiful for days when I’m in pain…

I just finished watching Practical Magic. I love this movie, and I always have. It’s a perfect sentimental happy movie for me. Though today I’m in silly tears over it. It always reminds me of my adolescent dreams and plans, good times with my sister, and an odd tang of possibility just out of reach. Which is a little odd, I guess. But tonight especially, all these points hit me hard.

There’s a sort of easy, homey, comfortable power to my ideal life dreams. I want the lived in house with gardens and wide windows. I want space to do what I do best. I want to know my purpose, so that I might thrive in it. I have this romantic, colorful, gothic aesthetic in my fantasy world… all rich textures, thriving colors… lace and poppets and cats and flowers… with wardrobes of black and soft things. With the ability to walk without discomfort, and with love.

Right now, as I knit – or type, as I am now – I’m trying to get a solid image of my business ideal. I’ve always had the problem of too many ideas and interests, and not enough choices.

So it’s how to combine the main lines of my goals into one entity. Witchcraft. Oracle. Writing. Art.

Part of me nags that their should be a fifth, though I generally condense it to thirds. Writer. Artist. Witch.

It’s a complicated set in my world right now. But then, when isn’t it?


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