All of the Pictures

Recently, my partner and I moved across the country – straight from one coast to the other. We drove the whole way, with our cat in the backseat. It only took about five days, but they were very long days, and we didn’t stop for fun or sightseeing. It was a very interesting experience with a lot of lovely scenery changes on the way. I don’t know if you’ve done much driving in the states, but often, within minutes of driving over state lines the landscapes and plant life changes very noticeably. The sand from one desert to the next have different colors and textures. The rock formations shift. The pattern of tree line change slightly and the growth between dazzles in a whole new way.

Could be it’s only really a thing you see when you drive nearly non-stop, but it was still interesting.

I took about five million pictures on my cell phone from the passenger seat on the way, and I promised my patrons that I’d share them… so I went through them, deleted the blurriest and most terrible, separated out the ones I took for project references, and selected a couple of the better ones.

They aren’t labeled, at all, but they are in order, chronologically, and should cover each state we went through – California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and finally Florida. You’ll just have to guess which are which. ;)

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