All of the Pictures

Recently, my partner and I moved across the country - straight from one coast to the other. We drove the whole way, with our cat in the backseat. It only took about five days, but they were very long days, and we didn't stop for fun or sightseeing. It was a very interesting experience with [...]


Story In Fragmented Moments

There’s a problem with the way I tell stories sometimes, and it isn’t a problem for me but is often a problem for others. When I write, I write what I am moved to write, until I have unfurled as much as I could out of a given image, tale, or truth – or lie. [...]

I Have A Problem

In case you don't know, I absolutely love subscription boxes. I adore getting packages in the mail and I love surprise gifts... I'm the sort of girl who spends absolutely embarrassing amounts of video game money on randomized gifts bags. Ethereal Bags of Gambit in The Secret World were a serious problem for me way [...]

A Bit Random, A Bit Considering

I frequently will sit and think of the sorts of things I'd like to share here on the blog. Sometimes I'll plan out a post in my head, or even jot down notes on paper or in quick bursts on my phone. Then, by the time it's convenient and possible for me to actually review [...]

February Schedul-things

I can't believe that January is over already, I really lost track of things this month. I don't know about you, but between the hectic mess of the current world and all the little things that adulting requires, I've been swamped. And here we are. As promised, I am writing to share with you my [...]